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FAQ and HELP  
1). How to get our catalogue?  
You can directly email your queries to  
2). How to make a complaint?  
For complaints, please email us at  
3). How to get a refund?  
Terms and Conditions of Refund:  
A. Proof of Biyu Biotech being the responsible party for the error.  
B. Proof of the disqualified product (must be claimed within 4 days upon arrival).  
The refund amount will be transferred to your online account and can be used for your next order. If you need to apply for
refund, please contact our customer service center.
4). Products out of stock?  
If you cannot find the products you want to inquire or purchase in our Products Center, please do not hesitate to email us or 
contact us via customer service hotline.
5). Delayed delivery?  
A. Wrong or incomplete Shipping Address, Post Code, Phone Number or Email Address will affect the delivery of your order.   
Please ensure that all the information is filled correctly .This will ensure the timely delivery of the correct product to you. If
the shipping address is the company, the package will not be delivered during weekends and public holidays. So, if you wish
to collect the package at a fixed time, please clearly specify to our salesman.
B. Wrong payment or shipping methods chosen. For door-to-door delivery, please make sure your shipping address is within
the range of our delivery service. Otherwise, the order will be considered as invalid.
C. Upon receiving the remittance, if the shipping address does not match, remittance amount is inadequate or insufficient
inventory, we will keep it for one month. The amount will be transferred into your account in our company so that you can
use it for the next order.
D. Payment faile due to error in remittance recipient’s name.  
Note: Our customer service representative will remind you regarding the overdue payment. Please arrange the payment
in time if you would like to keep this order. If the product price is still the same and is in stock, the order will be valid within
24 hours of remittance and we will arrange the shipment.
E.  For door to door delivery, we will have to cancel the order if the consignee cannot be contacted within two days.  
6). Possible causes of incomplete order delivery:  
a). Part of the product out of stock  
b). Delivered quantity less than the ordered quantity  
c). Products lost by courier service  
d). Missed delivery of the product  

We recommend that you carefully examine the products when signing for the deliveries. Please reject the product in case of 
point c) and d). If you encounter case b), you can accept the actual amount of product received and customer service staff
re-deliver the remaining amount/products without any delay.


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